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Christof R Davis ''Distant Lights'' - a sonic painting of the sky

Christof R Davis is a UK-based pianist/producer, who in his recent release entitled "Distant Sky" accurately captures the beauty and infinity of the night sky, armed with only a piano and an audio editing program.

Intricately produced, it may not become evident all at once that what we're hearing is a piano, which sounds a bit like synth, a bit like guitar and a bit like fantasy dream notes from space. However, having read Christof's bio we learn that: "The live piano is put through a filter with an envelope allowing certain velocities of key stroke to trigger the filter (like the points of light piercing the darkness)''. But really, even without having read the bio, it is quite evident that a good portion of geek was involved in the creation of this track, which shows in it's expensive production and no shortage of attention to detail, altogether adding up to an immersive and convincing experience.

Be it day or night, now you will always have a view of the night sky at hand at the link below:


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