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Christian Cohle "Wrap Around Me": Dramatism at a high level.

"Wrap Around Me" - is the sixth track from the album "WETLANDS" by composer Christian Cohle.

A very deep piece of music, at times melancholic, dramatic and capable of evoking feelings of longing. But we know that sometimes a little sadness can be nice. The backbone of the song is the piano, but at 01:27 a disturbing violin comes into play, adding to the drama.

Listening to the song from beginning to end is like watching a movie with a not-so-happy ending. It is as if the listener becomes the protagonist of this drama and at the same time the spectator, who is very disturbed by everything that is happening.

Definitely this song will play on your emotions, but you can't live without emotions. Any emotion is an indicator that one is alive, and living is great!

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