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Chris Hyson ''Lily White Star'' - a playful and brilliant electronica experiment

Chris Hyson is a London based multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer, who has recently released a highly intricate composition entitled ''Lily White Star''.

From the first bar, it is evident that we are about to hear something unusual. A simple walking piano is contrasted with a magnificent classical female voice and soon joined by a rhythm section, at which point the composer makes it clear that he means originality. The music comfortably lingers in it's own beautiful domain, with the the female vocalist beautifying the elegant bars with her mesmerizing voice. Finally, having captured the attention of the entire room, the song reaches a climax where very appropriate amounts of bass and kick drum are introduced to step up the game. From there on, the song evolves into an indie electronica banger, with flute and synthesized vocals adding to the preexisting coolness.

Original and just dope! Enjoy ''Lily White Star'' at the link below:

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