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Chris Cribb "One and Only": Grand, feather-light, masterful piano.

Chris Cribb is an American pianist/composer who's absolutely mesmerizing release entitled "One and Only" we are delighted to share with you today.

Fine down to it's core, the composition is written around a strong classical/cinematic core, swinging in on a delicate and intricate melody played a top a beautiful arpeggio driven accompaniment. Listening to this piece feels a bit like watching a feather drop down from high up in the sky - light as it is, not only is it a subject to gravity, but to winds, thickness of air and temperature. A similarly complex relationship is found in this piano gem, which complete with amazing dynamics, rubatos and an infinity of elaborations descends down into your being in a very unique and captivating way.

We can't wait to hear more from Chris Cribb, but for now, here's "One and Only":


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