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chlorophylle "lavande": Inspired by flowers.

Introducing chlorophyll, a young independent composer from Germany. He writes quiet piano music inspired by flowers near and far, records it in his friend's attic studio and sends it out into the world.

The composition "lavande" is his debut single, which immediately established him as a professional and sensitive composer. Opening with gentle chords, the piece gradually reveals its atmosphere - a world of mystery and animated nature. Gliding smoothly across the keys, it is as if it reveals a vision of the rising sun reflected in luxurious chords. The emotional intensity of each note gives the composition an exquisite depth, and the pauses between the sounds are reminiscent of the mysterious rustling of leaves. Chlorophylle really tried to make this work as atmospheric and frank as possible. That's why we love neoclassical music! We recommend to include it in your playlist!

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