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Chloé Charody "The Snow Is Sleeping": The last piano lullaby on Earth.

Chloé Charody is a pianist/composer who has recently released a new single called “The Snow Is Sleeping”. It is a dark, solemn, and very tasteful piano tune, and we’re very excited to be able to share this with you today, dear readers.

As the title suggests, you might find yourself in an urge to sleep - or at least letting go of your thoughts and worries - when putting this on. The amounts of emotion and solemnity this only two-minute-long solo piano piece carries is pretty incredible. It sounds like a lullaby, but at the same time has a darkness to it to a degree where I would rather imagine myself listening to this the night before the world was coming to an end, than putting this on to make my kid fall asleep. Solemn, thoughtful, and dark - I love it.

Let your worries go, and let the music in:


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