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Chewing "Variation on Thoughts of You": an ambient ode to all emotion

When it comes to ambient music, it's fair to say that it remains a niche genre. However, artists like Chewing from USA are among those who - intentionally or not - seem to shine new light on the soundscape-driven tunes by infusing them with pure coolness.

"Variations On Thoughts Of You" is above all - original. Finely crossing over neoclassical, ambient and art-music, the track takes you through an entire - yes, entire - array of emotions accessible to human. Unnerving, immersive and complete with loads of crisp beautiful detail, the artist without a doubt has found his sound and is now making the finest use of it. Dynamically rich, the composition features synth, keys, strings, deep bass, as well as shamanic ambiance and again - a thousand intricate little bits popping up all across the spectrum throughout its soothing four-and-a-half minute run.

Originality at it's finest, let it in:


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