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Charles F. Moreland III ''Acuity'': a complete audiovisual experience

Some artists are willing to go an extra mile to get their point across and Charles F. Moreland III is certainly one of them. His recent art piece ''Acuity'' doesn't only provide you with an immersive sonic spectrum, but richly compliments it with an expensive piece of CGI.

Musically meditative, the track makes great use of modular-synth and ambient drones, crissing and crossing in peculiar ways and pulling the listener into their own subconsciousness with the finely produced frequencies. Then on top of that, you are presented with a captivating visual experience, telling a shamanic CGI story that must have required a substantial investment (does the 'III' in the artist's name suggest any aristocratic ties?). Sir or not, Charles F. Moreland came with intent and delivered his point across in detail, void of compromise and proper.

A treat on many levels, enjoy:


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