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Celsey McFadden/Daniel McDermott/ Francis Moore-Colyer/Redbrick Duo ''Sor to the Eleventh Dimension"

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

What happens when four different artists from three different countries decide to make a track together? No, wait. Two Italians, a Brit and an American walk into a bar and...

... get utterly wasted, get fined for drunk-driving despite not even owning a car, credit-rent a penthouse along with some high-end champagne they end up pouring into the sink because 'it's written in the Bible' and pass out by a nearby canal surrounded by a family of ducks. Then they wake up and create ''Sor to the Eleventh Dimen'' - a one of a kind composition that was never supposed to happen, but everybody (including ourselves) was happy once it did. Classical at it's core, the music can be describe as mad, instrumental, elegant, nonchalant, cinematic, fearless, foolish and somehow very heroic - we love it.

If parallel universes exist, this is how classical music sounds in the neighboring universe to ours:


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