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CEEYS ''Reunion'': a vital driving element to the neoclassical genre

CEEYS is a German neoclassical duo, who have recently debuted on our blog with their single "Im Fenster", and are not returning with another intricate neoclassical composition entitled "Reunion".

There's definitely something conceptual about the brothers' approach to composing. Listening to their music feels a bit like watching a fine-tuned engine at work, or rather that engine being engineered, built and then put to use in front of your very eyes (or should we say ears?). Written for piano and strings, the composition is as nonchalant as it is elegant and brilliant, taking you through its dynamically rich course filled with originality and pure musical delight. What makes CEEYS stand out most is probably the immense amount of nerve loaded into each bar of their creation, which is then finely balanced with the aforementioned appreciation for elegance and universal beauty - making it all extremely digestible.

It would be unfair to compare CEEYS to anyone and quite frankly, their originality is a vital driving element of the neoclassical scene at large. Enjoy "Reunion" along with its crisp, equally conceptual music video:


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