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Catty.L "Tomorrow": Sunshine and a smile in a song

Chinese artist, Catty.L, shares her musical gifts generously in her song, “Tomorrow”.

This oh so sweet tune immediately identifies itself as sunshine after the rain and all things that are good, especially the little things in everyday life. The simple, short piano notes that lead the piece contribute to its cheery feeling that effortlessly draw a smile on the listener’s face. The beautiful harmonies only uplift the strength of the joy in the piece while the underlying notes decorate and detail the song, allowing the piece to flourish and fully fill the sonic space it dares to occupy. A testament to resilience, hope, and unshaken optimism, this piece is sweetly encouraging and positive in an innocent, irrefutable, and shamelessly adorable way. While the song is just under three and a half minutes, replays are free of charge, proving that goodness will prevail as nothing stops you from keeping this little tune on repeat.

Listen here for a drop of sunshine on even the cloudiest of days:


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