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Carillon ''Wooden Angels'' - a purple sonic cloud

Eclecticism is a risky game, but if you get the mix just right, you will end up with something unique and beautiful. ''Wooden Angels'' by Carillon is a tune that - with all this seemingly random elements - hits the spot.

Taking off on a simple piano riff, the composer doesn't hesitate to invite an array of other sounds into the mix before too long - drones, bells, synth and else. What caught our ear is how patient the music is - it is evident that the artist is going somewhere with it, which allows him to keep the listener await for longer than you would usually do without causing any distress or inviting boredom. The song feels like a cocoon that slowly evolves into a greater being, un-rushed and dedicated to it's natural rhythm. At last, a beautiful deep bass frames the composition allowing it to live out it's beautiful and somewhat bubbly six-minutes of duration.

Hop on this original purple sonic cloud at the link below.


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