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Calming River "Jinhai": As deep as the soul.

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Guitar music has been reaching us in larger volumes than ever and we are delighted about this new trend to say the least. Take for example this release by Calming River coming out of UK, who's captivating Spanish-guitar driven "Jinhai" we are listening to today.

Caught between reminiscent and anticipative, the piece wanders in on beautifully illusive, minor-key phrases, wise enough to not overstate itself too soon, but instead taking its time and pacing out the mystifying intent with which it is unquestionably soaked. Purifying in its essence, the music continues to seep deeper into the listener, conquering one cell at a time and by the end of it - the entirety of your being. The mesmerizing guitar effort is then also completed by an array of ambient scoops and sweeps, falling in and out of the sonic spectrum and providing a soothing and complimenting background to the strings at the forefront.

Enjoy this soul-deep work of art at the link below:


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