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Botany "Rare Jubilation (feat. Joseph Shabason)": the expensive shelf of experimental neoclassical.

As much of a neoclassical snob as I am, the kind that tends to impulsively steer away from any experiments, I do sometimes - thankfully - get humbled by a musical effort that doesn't just bring something new to the table, but delivers it in such an irresistibly appealing form, I'm left with no choice but to steer way from my snobrietous religion.

That being said, I gladly turned blasphemous after hearing "Rare Jubiliation" by the American Botany who teamed up with Joseph Shabason to produce a one of a kind neoclassical-jazz endeavor. Much as the the melodic flute stands out the most in this arrangement, it is safe to say that the entirety of the experience relies on all of its elements, none of them lesser than the other. Meticulously attentive to detail and charming with its nerdiness, the track screams musical prowess and proper (Proper!) studio geek.

Allow this to shift shape your paradigm for the almost 3 minute of its blissful runtime. Link up above.


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