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boi borzoi "Odd Oasis": elegance, taste and originality all at once.

boi borzoi, who's an artist from Finland we know and cherish, returns with another crisp neoclassical composition entitled "Odd Oasis".

Taking off on a gentle piano melody, the composer cleverly lures in the listener for what's to come - for the remainder of the track is not quite as conventional as the good old sound of piano. Immersing the listener gradually in the smooth, elegantly approaching layers of guitar, synth, bass and all kinds of wonderful sonic glimmers, boi borzoi proves once again to be an original and diligent creator, crossing the genres of ambient and neoclassical in a way that few artists can muster themselves to do.

Pure elegance and fine taste in this recent release by boi borzoi, definitely check it out:



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