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boi borzoi ''Lullaby 333'' - the perfect guide to nap-land

Before we became a fancy .com website with submissions from some of the finest neoclassical and ambient artists from all over the world, we started much like any other blog - on tumblr. Those were some wonderful days, which ultimately made us realize just how prosperous and talented is the ambient scene. Boi Borzoi from Finland was one of the first artists we have ever reviewed in those early days and we are happy to see him return to us with an over-the-top relaxing track, accurately entitled ''Lullaby 333''.

While it is unknown to us what the 333 stands for, it is fair to say that the lulling qualities of the composition are paying every respect to the song title. Rolling in on a lovable piano riff, the arrangement is soon completed with a gentle bass and a glimmering guitar melody, one which reeks of goodness and love. True to his intent, Boi Borzoi has no agenda of building to a major climax and rather bends the song within its dreamy, relaxing paradigm by retracting certain elements, then bringing them back, then wrapping up the composition with a delightful fade, as if waving goodbye before you step into the sleep-zone.

An artist we remember, cherish and love to see grow. It's early over here and quite frankly, I'm already fantasizing about a nap listening to ''Lullaby 333'':


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