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Bogdan Belyaev ''Embrace'' - an emotional piano journey from doubt to courage

Bogdan Belyaev is a Ukrainian pianist/composer who has won our hearts with his touching, elaborate piano piece entitled ''Embrace''.

Taking off on a gentle, captivating piano melody, the composition creates an anticipating mood, somewhat concerned, but yet to decide on what kind of action to take. Soon enough, the composer throws in the most peculiar major elaboration into the melody, leading the listener into the second movement of this piece - one that is uplifting and light. With newfound courage at heart, unafraid of any atrocities life may throw at you, the music silently parades on with a heart that insists on light over darkness. Brave, but not stupid, the composition falls into its third and last movement, a bit more thoughtful than the previous one, but reassuring nevertheless.

We can't wait to hear more from Bogdan Belyaev, but for now enjoy this absolute piano gem at the link below:


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