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Blair Coron "Song For Lismore": Violin piano blows.

Introducing a composition by Scottish composer Blair Coron called "Song For Lismore".

"His quiet and intimate music blends modern classical, storytelling and traditional melodies, with themes of nature, people, time and place. Through music, words and cinematography, Coron's primary intention is to create enchanting atmospheres that sets course for introspection and connection to the landscapes surrounding us."

How subtly classical music elements are woven into this composition! It is as refined and graceful as the statue of Aphrodite, embodying the ideal of beauty and harmony. The virtuoso violin paints the picture, creates an endless flow of emotions and feelings, and the piano helps her in this, sounds in the background, supporting her. Listening to this composition, I immerse myself in it and find myself somewhere far outside my room. I find myself alone with the music. The composition is perfect for those who like to relax or meditate to music, and would fit perfectly into a proper playlist!

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