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Bending Time ''Cloud Temple'' - your daily meditation sessions just got a new banger

Can meditative music be banging? Well, if we agree that a 'banger' is a tune in a given genre that wins on all levels and beyond, then yes. That being said, ''Cloud Temple'' by Bending Time is a banger of meditative music.

Everything about this ambient tune is just perfect. The choice of synth sounds, complexity, elaboration, duration and feel - this track will make taking on meditation inviting even to the biggest non-zenner. While light, undemanding synth drones seep into your soul with tranquility, elegant detail gently expands your consciousness, tingling every cell in your body, careful not to disrupt the peaceful moment. It is as if the artist took love, then compressed it a thousand times over and gave it for us to listen to in it's most dense and beautiful form.

What a banger, meditate away:


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