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Ben Zucker "Watched Keenly And Closely By Intelligences Greater Than Our Own": mystical and curious

In presenting the prologue music for “a modern-day setting of H.G. Wells’ alien invasion novel, ‘A War Of The Worlds,’ adapted by Theatre In The Dark into a live virtual audio drama performed over Zoom by actors in different cities to audiences around the world,” American composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Ben Zucker, shares his composition fittingly entitled, “Watched Keenly And Closely By Intelligences Greater Than Our Own”.

This piece immediately twinkles and shimmers with its bell-like notes that delicately ring and cascade into the composition. The ambience behind the notes leaves an unsettling aura and creates suspense and intrigue. A synth joins the piece, contributing to the sci-fi persona the piece boasts. The handcrafted build up of the piece lets the piece grow naturally while remaining interesting, using suspense to its advantage and allowing the listener’s mind to wonder, what if.

Hear it and believe it for yourself here:

Find Theatre In The Dark’s live virtual audio drama here:


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