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Ben Cosgrove "Aerial": А uniquely beautiful piano.

Composer and itinerant pianist Ben Cosgrove presents his new single entitled "Aerial".

"I found myself spending a lot of time on stage talking about national parks, oceans and wildlife, and not enough about the places people most often encounter in their daily lives."

The composition "Aerial" invites us on a unique journey into a world of feelings and experiences. It fills the heart with stirring emotions, allowing us to experience beauty and beautiful art. The composer's brilliant work and his superb command of the piano create music that lingers in the heart and soul. The beautiful, lively sound of the piano especially adorns the musical picture. You can feel how the composer has put his soul, body and mind into the music.

Ben Cosgrove's composition is sure to grace your playlist and become one of your favourite compositions to help you relax and unwind:


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