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Ben Avel "Scrolling Landscapes": The atmospheric piano.

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

The composition "Scrolling Landscapes" belongs to the Swiss composer and pianist Ben Avel.

Ben Avel developed his creative abilities through a wide range of musical experiences. Beginning with a classical piano education, Ben was educated in computer science, which sparked his interest in composing and mixing electronic music. Then playing in a jazz groove quartet led him to expand his theoretical musical knowledge, improvisation and exposure to a wide range of musical styles. Ben's creative process always starts at the piano where he improvises and finds ideas.

Inspired by nature and overflowing with love for music, Ben Avel created this piece which he called "Scrolling Landscapes". Composition from the album "Atmosphere". It is a gorgeous piano piece that grabs the listener's attention and doesn't let go for the entire four and a half minutes. The composition skilfully juggles our emotions, speeding up and slowing down - it's an emotional ride. But despite the variety of arrangements, the composition still sticks to one mood, one idea it carries. All in all, this is a great composition that will grace not only your playlist, but also any place around you where it will be played.

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