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Becky Ainge "Dance with the Night Sky": a melody of liberation through expression

Classically trained British pianist and composer, Becky Ainge finds her inspiration in nature and feeling to create her raw, emotive, contemporary, classical, and minimalist, solo piano pieces, such as "Dance with the Night Sky".

Slow to enter, this piano track dances lightly into its introduction but with certainty, it exclaims its song. As the piece unfolds and the rhythm picks up, the notes flow seamlessly and naturally in a friendly tune that is assuring and cheerful. Memorable and uplifting, the melody welcomes itself into your headspace as it intertwines with your fleeting thoughts and softly makes itself at home. There is a hint of triumph in the climbing notes that will brighten up any moment and bring warmth no matter the season.

Listen to this heart-opener here:


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