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Bates Belk "Hallucinations: One": the gods of drone have spoken

When it comes to drone music it is a genre that we are keen on, but one that is a bit tricky as it's fairly simple to make, but really difficult to nail. While there's a whole megaserver of mediocre drone music out on the internet, Bates Belk is nowhere close to it.

His recent release "Hallucinations: One" is - dare we say - how drone music should sound. Yes, in art there are no rights or wrongs, but preferences are allowed and ours are based on quality, geek and intent of the music we hear, all of which are present in this immersive piece of drone music. Best consumed through a finer sound system or headphones, the intertwining layers are bound to elevate you above the ground for almost four-and-a-half minutes of pure bliss.

Whether to meditate, fall asleep to, or just unwind, this is now your go-to:


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