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Bart Sunshine "Astrology": A piano composition consumed by the depth of the sky.

Bart Sunshine is a pianist from Spain, who's delightfully playful composition "Astrology" we would like to share with you today.

Composed with intent, the pianist presents the idea with a charming confidence from the very first bar. Serenading the sky and all beyond it, the piece makes great use of a fairly simple melody, beautifying it immensely with finely balanced rubatos, all while the major key prevalent all along this brief, memorable composition signifies the awe and positive emotion common to a sky gazer. It's quite unique how this piece feels equally cinematic and intimate - making perfect accompaniment for both a grand closing scene, as well as a solitary, candle-lit attic in the mountains.

As charming and true as it can possibly get, here's "Astrology":


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