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Barry Hudson-Taylor ''Simplistic Complexities'' - a living neoclassical arrangement

There's a certain type of magic about close-mic piano recordings, one which presents the instrument in a way more intimate light, unlike the more polished recordings where only the notes are audible. ''Simplistic Complexities'' by Barry Hudson-Taylor is a neoclassical/indie piece that extracts every little bit out of the piano and blends it with a mesmerizing arrangement of drones and strings.

Almost otherworldly, the composition has an immersive capacity like few, pulling the listener into it's dreamy, light and somewhat melancholic universe. Elegant piano chops, hinting of indie, folk and jazz roots are completed with a mesmerizing background of strings and drones, coming together into a living and breathing neoclassical piece. Being able to hear every shimmer of the mechanical body of the piano is not only very interesting, but also soothing to the hypnotizing vibe of this musical arrangement.

Allow yourself to be immersed into ''Simplistic Complexities'' at the link below:


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