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Barry Hudson-Taylor "Hinterland": The piano charmer of this holiday season.

It is not the first time we are listening to a creation by Barry Hudson-Taylor. This British pianist has over and again spoke to us in a way that we were unable to not fall for, let alone ignore.

"Hinterland" is a piano piece that intersects beautifully between classical, cinematic and folk. While surely delivered by a single person armed with one instruments, the composition takes richly from the above genres and combines them into a mesmerizing, glowing piece of music. With the left hand resting easy on delightful arpeggios, the right hand presents a melody that is as original as it feels familiar. Using a celtic, folk scale that's bending in intricate ways the pianist makes the case appealing, while keeping the experience fresh and far from predictable.

The piano charmer of this holiday season, here's "Hinterland":


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