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Barry Hudson-Taylor "Connotations": Feather-light delivery and stellar confidence on a piano

Barry Hudson-Taylor is another pianist we are listening to today with a name that seems to ring extremely well for the chosen profession. He's fresh-out-of-the-oven cinematic piano composition "Connotations" is a calming piece of neoclassical we are delighted to share with you today.

Crisply recorded with close-mics for that soothing ASMR effect, the piece elegantly takes off on a contemplating melody, played with feather-light hands and a stellar confidence. The pianist reintroduces the melodic element a few times over, then moves the left hand an octave lower, giving the composition a somewhat unexpected, immersive feel. Returning swiftly to its original dynamic grounds, the pianist shows high musical prowess, stitching the movement seamlessly then, ending the piece in the most blissful of ways on a major chord resolution, as opposed to the previously prevalent minor key.

Impossible not to fall for, here's "Connotations":


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