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Barry Berko ‘’House Of Stag’’ - a post apocalyptic birthday song

It is mid-summer and we want to celebrate. As an ambient/neoclassical blog we still get a fair amount of electronica submissions and this coming week we will cover a number of things that would normally not land on our blog. Let us begin with Barry Berko and his ‘’House Of Stag’’.

Before we do anything, let’s take a minute to appreciate the artwork for a second. Look at those beautifully cropped images of a face stapled onto each other. Oh and the spooky alien green eyes! Absurd genius all the way.

The music, perfectly fitting the artwork, sound like a post-apocalyptic birthday song, coming from a composer who knows better, but chooses not to, because the new world is already crawling with green eyed creatures and all their slime. While a distorted bass and a drum pad keep the groove the synth keys live out their own loony life - and how wonderful it is! 

Original beyond words, as well as humorous and also ridiculous - we love it!

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