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Bar Halevy "Dulab": A serenade to all there is.

Whether a guitar music fan or not, I hereby command you to drop whatever it is you're doing and dive into this soul-stirring musical marble by Bar Halevy (Israel) entitled "Dulab".

Written for a classical guitar, the tune is work of a master to say the least. The Arabic scales - which are utilized to their absolute full extent - sing out the existence at large, serenading everything from the fabric of the universe to a rock on the side road. Performed at the highest level, the melody presents itself with beautiful dynamics, elaborations and ear-caressing quarter notes characteristic to the genre. The artist peculiarly accentuates a bar at the beginning and end of the song with his voice, thus signifying the singing effect of the divinely played guitar - pure art.

Illusive, convincing and damn expensive - enjoy it up above.


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