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Balint Dobozi "Atlas": damn cool neoclassical

Balint Dobozi is a composer from Swtizerland who's recent release "Atlas" is a groovy piece of neoclassical/ambient music with a twist.

Taking off on a piano chord progression that hints anticipation and excitement, the composer continues to build on the classy-sounding momentum, when suddenly - in rolls a rhythm section. Now, if you have been around for some time, you know that we get quite easily spooked by drums and beats, but Balint Dobozi manages to fuse them with the piano in such an elegant way that not only do they fit perfectly, they quite frankly elevate the music higher into its already predetermined course. Further beautified by brass and a following dynamic change, the composition is a product of clarity, originality and intent.

Delightful, cool and detail-oriented - listen to "Atlas" here:


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