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BAK//RORDAM "Piksborg Bridge": If 'too soothing' was a thing.

BAK//RORDAM is a Danish neoclassical project having recently released a picturesque, finely arranged sonic delight entitled "Piksborg Bridge".

Undemanding and soothing, the piece wanders in on a delightful guitar chord progression which is soon joined by a melodic piano element. Beautifully working together the two instruments seem to have grabbed me by the hand and taken sight seeing in a domain that is filled with light, purity and goodness. The creators of this piece made sure to give this wordless story a few chapters represented in the several movements of the song, each of them featuring a slightly different musical horizon, though all of them clearly belonging to the same familiarly beautiful universe.

I don't believe there is such thing as 'too soothing', but this comes close to that:


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