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Babak Navak "All That Remains": How mesmerizing can music get?

Babak Navak is an Iranian artist who's music we have grown to know and admire. His most recent release "All That Remains" signifies the once more the indisputable talent that this artist possesses.

Taking off on mystifying ambiance and drones, the soundscape is soon pierced with the most captivating melodic effort - instrument of which is difficult to identify due to large (and appropriate!) amounts of reverb, but one that must belong to the family of woodwinds or pipes (fingers crossed). Regardless the actual instrument, the melody seeps into your soul with elegance and beauty, a notable amount of nostalgia and even more so of appreciation for the universal beauty. Meditative and deep as the sky itself, the music continues to evolve and move your soul, leaving you in a pleasurable state of trance towards its graceful ending.

Never have we been let down by Babak, neither do we expect for that to happen in the future. Here's "All That Remains":


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