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AYX ''eyes open'' - dreaminess is bliss

Dreaminess is bliss. The world is such a big, complex machine, understanding all of it is not only impossible but a quest of a madman. Dreaminess is a way to appreciate all of our existence, the known and the unknown, without having to go bonkers. You feel me.

And if you don't then try and listen AYX's ''eyes open'', for the music seems to touch upon the above philosophy and even explain it in an ambient, sonic manner. Composed for piano and drones, the song functions a bit like an ambient poetry slam, void of form and structure, but comprehensible nevertheless. Introspective piano notes, combined with a selection of more or less distant synth drones seem to have a relationship, or perhaps they just realized how familiar they are and now are beginning to work one out. And then the somewhat sudden, moving ending with the depth of the universe itself.

It's a beauty, let it in:


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