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AUSKLANG "Ruhe": As ambient as it gets

How ambient can ambient music get? AUSKLANG is a German outfit who's recent release "Ruhe" answers that questions not just audibly, but visually too and the answer is - very.

While most of the tracks this long (almost 10min) will inevitably become stale and somehow excessive, this one goes nowhere near being a bore and rather immerses you in it's universal beauty for the entire duration - a statement to the group's understanding of how music works and how to use sounds to evoke feelings. Form-free the composition makes great use of synth, percussion and what could be guitars channeled through a labyrinth of pedals. Soaked in good intent, forgiveness, love and all things good the track seeps into your soul like a faceless messiah, heals it some, then departs again to continue its work elsewhere. Complete with a captivating music video of nature and industrial scenes, the art seems to address the universal connection of all things and specifically the one of human to nature.

Perfect for meditation, sleep and just to unwind. Here's "Ruhe":



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