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.au "Intro (Mutechalk)" - a reminiscent, somber piano piece

Experienced artist manager, .au is now pursuing their own music project, with elements that characteristically include simplicity and relatability, fit for any listener, massively evident in “Intro (Mutechalk)”. 

A light listen, this song is just under a minute and a half with its simple, beautiful piano melody and multi-coloured emotional tones. The playground-esque ambience of the child-like voices give the song a nostalgic feeling of innocence and simpler times. The somber undertones signify mourning of the past or change, fear of the uncertain future, and discomfort of keeping of appearances or disillusionment during transitional periods in life.  The beginning is slow and easy to follow as the more upbeat groove at the height of the piece seems to resemble the song attempting to cheer itself up. There is evidence of resilience or hope that things will figure themselves out soon as the notes cling to their bit of brightness. 

Listen to this deep, sweet ambient piano tune here:  


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