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Async Ross "Unfolding (Rework)": Great, airy ambient.

Beautiful, atmospheric and light ambient track "Unfolding (Rework)" from Async Ross, the neoclassical project of musician and composer Benjamin Ross Stitt.

Benjamin Stitt grew up near Berlin in Potsdam and moved to the USA in 2014, where he graduated with honours from the prestigious Berklee College of Music in 2017. He now divides his time between Berlin and Los Angeles, working on several projects and albums. He has already collaborated with five-time Emmy Award winner John McGibbon on his new documentary series, as well as with German actor and director Leonard Karow and German actress Svenja Jung.

A beautiful combination of ambient and piano, which perfectly combine and complement each other. The picture of the track reflects its essence in the best possible way. It is light and airy and takes the listener far into the sky. We recommend "Unfolding (Rework)" for your relaxation playlist!

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