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Async Ross "Melancholy II": rising the melancholy bar all the way to heavens

How melancholic can piano get? As someone who constantly reviews piano compositions, I thought I had my melancholy-bar pretty high up, but this recent release by Async Ross has put me right in my place.

Bluntly and accurately entitled "Melancholy II", it would almost seem that the "II" in the title signifies the double-layered amounts of this emotion familiar to human kind present in this track. Elongated, muffed, piano notes, slowly climbing up a folk/classical scale complete with ASMR sounds of the body of the instrument will pierce right through your guards and into your soul, leaving you no chance at all - you are now it's melancholic soldier of light. Seemingly endless as it goes, it squeezes your sensitive hard harder with each bar, squeezing every last bit of emotion out of it into your body and mind.

The most beautiful moment of a human existence captured ever so elegantly, let it in:


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