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Artem Ramanau "Quiet silence": Musicians hear silence in their own way

Artem Ramanau, multi-instrumentalist, ambient composer and producer. Of Belarusian origin, he divides his life between several countries. Inspired by a wide range of music, Artem combines neoclassical, ambient, jazz and electronic sounds in his work. After emigrating, he opened a new page in his artistic life, infusing his music with philosophical reflections, psychology and spiritual quests.

Today, Artem has arrived here with his fresh release titled "Quiet Silence".

This composition combines two directions of music. The composer combined a very calm piano with a light transparent background, which fills the emptiness and gives the composition an ambient flavour, resulting in a very gentle, very intimate and meditative composition.

Such calm and perfectly balanced compositions we haven't listened to in a long time!

"Quiet Silence" is perfect for meditation or just to be alone with your thoughts. Add it to your playlist, it's sure to come in handy!

Enjoy the composition at the link:


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