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Art of Calming "Morning Meditation": One solid way to win any yoga or meditation class out there

Much as it is quite common in the genre of ambient & meditative to call your music after what it's made for, the fact that some nail it better than others is a notable one. While internet is flooded with awkwardly composed songs that do everything to you but calm you despite their titles, "Morning Meditation" by Art Of Calming not only delivers for both the artist and the songs title, but stands out as the finer grade of meditative music too.

Beautifully introducing itself on a patiently delivered piano lick that is oddly catchy for the genre, the music slowly elevates itself on the most calming, crisply produced synth drones.

Consistent and very clear with its intent, the creator of this gem manages to maintain your undivided subliminal attention for over eight minutes of the track's runtime, always content with the moment but also equally elaborate with introducing new delightful detail, as to not bore the ear. Having lived out it's own, wondrous course and reached near-divine levels of bliss, the music then descends back into its subtle origins, where the piano is being reintroduced for just a minute.

This is going to rock each and every meditation or yoga club, I can tell. Here's the treat:


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