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Arrowsmith "for her (rec 77)": Born of love.

Here is a very beautiful and unusual piano composition called "for her (rec 77)" written by British multi-instrumentalist Jack Arrowsmith.

Arrowsmith has always felt a connection to the world of neoclassical music, having listened to this tranquil music from an early age. Classically trained as a flautist from the age of seven, Arrowsmith went on to perfect his craft, gaining a Bachelor's degree in Music Production and then a Master's degree in Music Performance.

From the title of the composition we can conclude that the inspiration for the composition "for her (rec 77)" was love. It is incredibly sensual, smooth and graceful and evokes the most pleasant feelings. Its atmospheric nature is perfectly emphasised by the release picture, which cannot be overlooked. This is a very conceptual work, created by the hands of a professional and a real creator. Jack was able to touch our hearts with his music, so he can touch yours too!

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