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Antonis Kolliopoulos "Eternity": A breathtaking piano-ride through the dimension of time

Antonis Kolliopoulos has been playing music since he was only a child. Unfortunately for the writers at musicdances however, we haven't been aware of this beautiful greek composer, until he enrichened us with his first submission a couple of days ago. The song I have decided to share with you today is called "Eternity", and is a lovely new piece of ambient, neo-classical music.

When putting this thing on, the first thing that came to mind was the composers extraordinarily fine ability to make a melting-pot of different instruments sound smooth together. Though this song mainly circles around its well-written piano melodies, you never get the feeling that the piano stands on its own - it's always backed up by a tastefully picked handfull of instruments, and it always seem to play out in the songs advantage. Generally, the piece has an emotionally loaded tone, and will most likely direct the listener's thoughts towards the bigger and more meaningful questions in life. You can feel that the melodies are written with passion, and the soundscape is just so big and comprehensive, it will make you feel small in comparison to the song. The song is called Eternity, and I personally felt like the song ,through its passionate melodies and comprehensive soundscape, directed my thoughts towards questions bigger than myself; Like the questions of time and space.

So do you want an emotionally thrilling experience? Give this thing a listen:



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