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Annelie "Love": Author's revelation.

Dutch songwriter Anneli explores her solo work within a single instrument, the piano, called "Love".

It allows her to show her purest, most outspoken self. And, oddly enough, Anneli has received many stories from people listening to her songs that evoke the same feelings she had when she wrote them. It's an eerie but nonetheless comforting confirmation that music can serve as a universal medium.

This work is filled with emotional depth and passion, transporting the listener into a world where time has stood still. The musical phrases unfold like stained glass windows, revealing new perspectives and reflecting the beauty of the human soul. It is a true authorial revelation!

The composer's style and technique creates a harmonious blend of classical elegance and modern expression. She masters the piano like a magician, allowing us to immerse ourselves in her world of musical magic.


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