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Anne Chmelewsky "Presque Valse": an enchanting orchestral art

French musician Anne Chmelewsky presents the first single from her debut album, "Songs Without Words," written to bring reassurance and solace to a friend suffering mental health issues by communicating a sense of centredness and safety. The first single, entitled "Presque Valse," is inspired by classic French 60s and 70s pop, as it is simple, open, uncluttered, yet full of emotion.

This dreamy track exudes an elegance and grace that paints a detailed picture of a calm and peaceful moment. Full of wonder and grandeur, there is an element of magic as the instruments build upon each other and move between the front and back of the piece in a seamless fashion, like a meticulously practiced dance. Serenity and a subtle sweetness, this encouraging piece is a stunning composition that will bring warmth to your heart.

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