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Angad Berar "Heartbeatofatwig": A glowing ambient secret keeper

Angad Berar is an ambient producer from India who has caught our attention with the most soothing, immersive piece of music entitled "Heartbeatofatwig", which we are delighted to share with you today.

While I'm still trying to put my finger on it, it is evident to me that there is something quite unique about this track. Although light in it's spirit and as mesmerizing as a bright night sky, there is something eerie about this tune - it is as if it knew all of your secrets, but was not gonna tell anyone. Beautifully arranged ambient bass, delightful synth licks, nature sounds and crisp detail all across the spectrum speaks volumes for the artist's wit in the genre. Patient and consistent, the track continues to revolve around its deeply meditative core, embracing every moment - now, then and to come - oblivious to the notion of time and only true to cosmic laws.

A glowing ambient gem that is bound to land on your playlists, treat yourself:


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