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Andrew, Wells & Warner ''Lost Love'' - a one of a kind musical endeavor

Buckled up, friends, for we are about to shift paradigms. Andrew, Wells & Warner - a UK based project - and their most recent release ''Lost Love'' is no short of otherworldly.

Form-less, beat-less and yet somehow charming beyond words, ''Lost Love'' is a sonic instrumental tale written and recorded on gadgets and instruments that are either analog, or simply outdated. However, the charisma of the composition is so immense, it breaths a whole new life into these forgotten tubes. It is a loony trip down the memory lane in a parallel past, where normality is non-existent and beauty comes in forms unknown to us here. If being individualistic about one's composition was a race, then this piece would win the gold medal a dozen times over before even giving any other competitors a chance.

Non-chalant and almost genius, check out this wonder at the link below:

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