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Andrew Sloman ”Yamanashi”: Hope, melancholia, and powerful piano compositions

Andrew Sloman is a british pianist/composer. He is currently based in Japan, where he spends his time making neo-classical piano compositions. He has recently caught our attention with one of his latest singles “Yamanashi”, which we have decided to share with you today.

The song is in its pure essence a silent piano ballad. It has a lot of emotional potency to it, and generally runs pretty slow. Having said that though, this is not just a piece of music that is meant to play in the background while you relax. There are plenty of different compositional variations going on throughout the piece, which it keeps it interesting and intriguing all the way through. Besides that, there are clear changes in dynamic, and there are even places where the composer/pianist completely stops playing for a few seconds, leaving the listener hungry to hear what’s next. Due to the progressions and melodies, the piece manages to sound both melancholic and hopeful in tone, and at the same there is somehow a sense of rawness to it.


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