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Andrew Sloman "Once Upon a Time": A masterful neoclassical antidote to loneliness and anxiety.

Andrew Sloman is a pianist/composer from UK who's most touching, healing, as well as magnificent piece entitled "Once Upon a Time" we are delighted to present to you today.

Written with knowledge and intent, the composition seeps into your heart from the early bars and spreads into each of your cells like a healing potion. Masterfully composed this antidote to loneliness and anxiety evolves patiently, it's melody deep and the accompaniment even deeper - together creating an atmosphere so immersive, even the most robust listener is bound to lose the sense of time, unwinding in the liberating core of this masterpiece. Dynamically consistent, but with wonderfully placed rubatos, the composer gets the best of you without distracting or demanding too much from the listener. Complete with a black'n'white nostalgia infused music video, this release stands a winner in the piano category of this month.

Let this wonder in:


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