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Andrew Orkin "Cradle Song": A mystifying neoclassical domain

Andrew Orkin is a South African neoclassicist who's most intimate and delightful recent release entitled "Cradle Song" we are happy to present to you today.

Delicate and glowing, the composition takes richly from classical music in its arrangement and edges it out with undertones of jazz, as well as the most peculiar vocal element. Mystifying and careless all at once, the lyric-less vocals emphasize the core melodic element, appearing elegantly in brief portions along the track, whereas the piano, string and brass carry the song on mesmerizing, wide neoclassical wings. The entirety of this neoclassical gem is no short of hypnotizing and feels a bit like a tune you would hear when entering a domain of mermaids, elves, or other mythical, well-intended, though highly capable creatures.

I'm certainly going to spend the rest of the day in a bit of a dreamy state after hearing this. Here's "Cradle Song":


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