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Andrei Poliakov "Noires Et Blanches": An eclectic beauty.

Before we enjoy some peaceful music, I would like to draw yours, dear reader, attention to the destructive, murderous evil unleashed by Putin on the free world. Ukraine is currently shielding the rest of the world with courage, but also - unfortunately - innocent blood. Blood of not only thousands of troops and grown civilians, but also infants - over 200 children dead and many more injured. We at MDWYS, encourage you to show all and any support you can, be it monetary or informative to our war-ridden brothers and sisters. Here are some links you may find useful:

Intended and simple, the piece consists of a lulling accompaniment and a twinkling melody, both delivered with feather-light hands. Beautifully composed, the music presents itself without any bravado and rather a significance threaded in the humbleness of its delivery. Whatever the story is that the pianist is here to tell us, it is without a doubt one of many turns, ups and lows, as well as - quite likely - loss, but also revival and a promise.

Listen to this beautiful piano poem at this link:


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